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Double Your Mortgage Buying Power With A Friend Or Relative

Increase your home buying power by pooling your resources with a friend or relative. But, proceed wisely when entering into this arrangement.

FHA Loans Allow 100% Downpayment Gifts

FHA loan guidelines are flexible about downpayments. The funds can come from a number of sources besides the buyer's own bank account.

Your Debt-To-Income Ratio Can Tell You How Much Home To Buy

A debt-to-income ratio is not just a number for lenders to use. Buyers can calculate it themselves and use it to estimate their comfortable home payment.

How To Avoid Making A Contingent Offer On A Home

You don't always have to sell your house before buying another. Today's housing and mortgage markets offer options for a relaxed housing transition.

Mortgage Rates In 2017 Are Headed Where?

Mortgage rates in 2017 are probably headed higher, if you believe most analysts. However, they also predicted higher rates in 2016, and they were wrong.

Zero-Down USDA Home Loans vs FHA vs Conventional 97

How do USDA loan costs compare to other loan types? It turns out these loans are some of the most affordable mortgages in the market today.

4 Niche Loan Options That Are Helping New Home Buyers

Lesser-known mortgage options can help home buyers find the right fit for their budget. Here are four options you may not have heard about.

Buying Without Your Credit-Challenged Spouse

Lenders do not require couples to be on the mortgage together. A spouse with lower credit can be removed from the application to help the other qualify.

Don’t Lose the Home You Love To Rising Mortgage Rates

Rising mortgage rates make buying a home more expensive. However, there are strategies you can use to increase your buying power.

January Jobs Report Is Helping U.S. Mortgage Shoppers

The January Non-Farm Payrolls report shows how important inflation data is for mortgage rates. Job growth was strong, while wages lagged, helping rates.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Rock-Steady At 4.19%

30-year mortgage rates are remaining at historic lows. Today's rates are a boon for the U.S. economy and consumers alike.

Home Purchases Dominate Market 21 Months Straight

Home buying is popular again. Home values are rising, and homeowners in some locales are making more than $40,000 per year in home appreciation.

What Is A Mortgage Refinance, In Plain English

How to refinance a mortgage, plus explanations of "special" programs such as HARP, FHA Streamline Refinance, VA IRRRL. Get today's rates which are below four percent for many U.S. borrowers.

Fed: We’re Still Committed To Low Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve held the Fed Funds Rate to a range near 0.50% at its February meeting. Plus, the group pledged continued support for low mortgage rates.

How The Trump Travel Ban Is Changing Mortgage Rates

The travel ban recently signed by President Trump is affecting today's mortgage rates. Why this is happening, and how to react as a mortgage rate shopper.

How Mortgage Rates Connect To The Fed Funds Rate

The Fed adjourns from a 2-day meeting Wednesday. The group doesn't set mortgage rates but it can influence them. How this week's meeting could affect your refinance and purchase mortgage rate.

VA Streamline Refinance: About The VA IRRRL Mortgage Program & VA Mortgage Rates

Full details about the VA mortgage loan program including comprehensive Q&A, the VA Streamline Refinance (IRRRL), and today's VA mortgage rates which are near their lowest of all-time.

February 2017 Mortgage Rates Forecast (FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional)

Mortgage rates will move based on key events in February. The Fed meeting, the Jobs Report, and President Trump's first full month in office.

5 Reasons Rising Interest Rates Are Good

Rising interest rates are not necessarily evil. In fact, they can help some homebuyers. Here's what you need to know.

Pending Home Sales Foreshadow Strong 2017 Housing Market

For the 32nd straight month, the Pending Home Sales Index bested its benchmark reading of 100. It's no wonder home prices continue to rise nationwide.