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Buying a home in Louisiana

In Louisiana, a real estate agent has what is known as a fiduciary duty to the person he or she is representing. If that’s you, your agent must safeguard your interests, keep any information you share with them confidential, and work to get the best deal possible for your needs and requirements. Your agent will also be responsible for all financial transactions you place in their charge. When a property goes up for sale in Louisiana, real estate law requires the disclosure of any known problems with the home. The disclosure should include such things as:
  • Cracks in the foundations
  • Plumbing or heating issues
  • Leaks
  • Any issues connected with the title deed
As soon as a buyer finds a house they're interested in purchasing, the seller should formulate an agreement that must be signed by both parties. But it’s crucial before signing anything, you remember to take advice from an attorney or another professional who is experienced in real estate law in Louisiana.

Home Inspection

In Louisiana, the first thing any good realtor or attorney will tell you is not to buy a property without a complete home inspection. There may be unseen issues that will only show up later, and a good home inspector will be both experienced and qualified to spot potential problems. You can still place your offer on the home pending what the inspector finds by including that "contingency" in your offer.

Refinancing a home in Louisiana

You’re unlikely to find many — or any — barriers to refinancing your mortgage in Louisiana law. In fact, a 2014 amendment to the relevant statute (LA Rev Stat § 9:5390) made it easier for some borrowers. The change only affected those with second mortgages, such as home equity loans or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Occasionally, a homeowner with one of these could find her refinancing blocked, owing to an obscure legal concept. That allowed the lender of a second mortgage to insist it became the principal creditor. So, if you were to default on a mortgage, it would recover its costs before the lender of your main mortgage got a look in. So the Louisiana legislature changed the law. Now, your main mortgage retains its place at the top of the pile when you refinance. And that can be helpful.

Refinance calculator: Louisiana

You still have to decide which sort of refinance you want: one that lets you take cash out or one that just reduces your mortgage rate or monthly payment or shortens the term of your loan. Use The Mortgage Reports refinance calculator to model your options.

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