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The Newsdesk
- 5 min read

New startup Loftium changing how we see down payments

if you’re buying a home in the (expensive) Seattle area, this new program by Loftium and Umpqua Bank might help. It provides down payments to those willing to participate in the program.

Aly J. Yale
- 2 min read

Generation Z is ready to own a home

Generation Z, unlike previous generations, has to Recession-era baggage when it comes to real estate. These people are ready to own a home. if you’re one of them here’s what you need to know.

Erik J. Martin
- 4 min read

Buying a house in areas hit by natural disaster

Buying a house in an area distressed by flood, hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster is not as crazy as it sounds. It may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.