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Turned Down For Your Mortgage? Apply For That Loan A Second (Or Third) Time Right Now.

/VIDEO/ Just because your mortgage was denied, it doesn't mean you can't still get approved. Find out why, and get today's live mortgage rates.

Co-Signing A Mortgage Loan : Instructions, Plus Tips To Protect Borrowers And Co-Borrowers

/VIDEO/ Learn the proper way to co-sign a mortgage. Protect yourself and your co-borrower(s). Instructions, and today's live mortgage rates.

Mortgage Pre-Approval: Tips To Get Your Purchase Loan Approved Faster

Mortgage pre-approval letters are powerful tools for today's competitive home buyers. Learn how to expedite your approval and make a better offer. Mortgage rates available at no cost whatsoever.

5 Reasons To Use An FHA Loan When You Buy Your Next Home

FHA loans offer low rates, low costs, and first-time buyers will soon get MIP discount via the FHA HAWK program. More on FHA loans and why they're a good fit for today's active home buyer.

Mortgage Newsflash : A New Refi Boom Begins; Banks Open Floodgates; Maximum Loan Sizes Dropping

Mortgage rates are falling, mortgage guidelines are easing, and conforming loan limits are dropping. There's a lot going on in mortgages right now and this 119-second mortgage video covers it all.

TV Interview : Loan Fees Rising, Mortgage Rates Rising, Housing On The Mend In 2011

I returned to the First Business television studios this week to talk mortgages and housing. The interview covers (1) Why conforming mortgage applicants will pay more fees in 2011, (2) The outlook for Spring Housing, and (3) Why mortgage rates are headed higher long-term.

TV Interview : Housing Growth Outlook, The End Of The Refi Boom, Mortgage Rates

I gave a television interview with Beejal Patel of First Business. The timing was excellent given the FOMC had just adjourned. In 3-and-a-half minutes, the interview covers a lot of ground. Watch it now.

Mortgage Newsflash : Mortgage Rates Rise 1/2 Percent In 10 Days; The Refi Boom Is Ending

Since mid-April, mortgage rates have been falling, shedding more than a entire percentage point along the way. For homeowners carrying a $300,000 mortgage, the rate drop is equivalent to $180 in monthly savings. But, that's all over now. In this brief, 2-minute mortgage market summary, you'll get a quick breakdown of what's happening, and why.

Mortgage Newsflash : FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums; The End Of The Refi Boom; Tracking Live Mortgage Rates

The FHA is changing its mortgage insurance policies October 4, 2010, and the Refi Boom is finally showing signs of its end. In this 150-second video, we talk about it all.

The Crystal Ball : Housing Market, Mortgage Rates, FHA Guidelines, And Investor Overlays

I gave a television interview with Beejal Patel of First Business this week and we covered a lot of ground topics like housing, mortgage rates, and the FHA.

The Future Of Mortgage Rates, Jumbo Mortgages And Portfolio Lending

Tuesday, I asked my Twitter friends what mortgage questions they'd like to have answered. I picked 3 replies and pushed it to video.

Talking Mortgage Rates To 6 Percent, FHA Streamlines, And The First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

Earlier, I asked my Twitter followers what mortgage questions they'd like to have answered. I picked 3 of their replies and pushed it to video. The video is a quick 2 minutes.

Mortgage Video: Why It Matters When Mortgage Guidelines Change (Redux)

In January, I made this 5-minute video to illustrate how mortgage guideline changes are impacting American homeowners regardless of their income, assets or credit score. If you haven't seen the video before, watch it now. It's a story you need to hear. If you have watched the video, watch it...

2017 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)