Michele Lerner

Michele Lerner, contributor

Michele Lerner, author of New Home 101, is an award-winning freelance journalist with more than two decades of experience. Her work appears in The Washington Post, New Home Source, Fox Business, MSN, Yahoo, Realtor.com, and more.

Articles by Michele Lerner

- 4 min read

Paying Mortgage Points: What’s The Point?

Mortgage points affect the interest rate you get when you finance a home. When is it smart to pay points, and when should you avoid them?

- 19 min read

Single Parent Home Buying Guide

Today’s mortgage programs are empowering single parents to move from renting to buying. Here are time-tested and expert-advised methods to get into your own home.

- 3 min read

A Special Holiday Gift: Low Refinance Mortgage Rates

Low refinance mortgage rates might make the best holiday gift — for yourself. And the savings you get might cover your generosity to others during this time of year.