Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson, contributor

Lee Nelson is a Chicago-based writer whose work has appeared on Realtor.org, Yahoo! Homes, MyMortgageInsider.com, and more.

Articles by Lee Nelson

- 5 min read

Young Homebuyers: What’s The Right Age To Buy A House?

Young homebuyers can get a head start on wealth-building by buying early. But there are disadvantages, too. Find out if buying a home when you’re very young is the right choice for you.

- 4 min read

FHA Home Loan: A Smart Choice When Rates Are Rising

The FHA home loan offers unique advantages when rates are rising. Assumability and the lack of risk-based pricing adjustments can help you buy a house you otherwise wouldn’t qualify to finance.

- 4 min read

The Single Mother’s Guide To Becoming A Homeowner

Single moms can sometimes have it rough trying to raise their children by themselves and pay the bills. But these mortgage programs can help them become homeowners.

- 3 min read

Real Life Homebuyer Success Stories – Low Income Mortgage

You don’t have to have a whole lot of money or a high-paying job to buy a house. There are plenty of low income mortgage programs for tight budgets. Grant money and community assistance is widely available