Erik J. Martin

Erik J. Martin, contributor

Erik J. Martin has written on real estate, business, tech and other topics for Reader's Digest, AARP The Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune.

Articles by Erik J. Martin

- 5 min read

Buying A House: How To Deal With Tough Competition

Buying a house in a hot market requires a cool head. Consequently, would-be buyers must be prepared to act fast and pursue effective strategies to win their desired dwelling.

- 3 min read

Most Expensive Cities: Strategies For Buying In High-Priced Markets

Home loans in the most expensive cities are more difficult to get because many lenders consider them riskier. Prepare in advance and get pre-approved for your mortgage before you go shopping in the most expensive cities.

- 6 min read

Find A Mortgage For An “Unapproved” Condo

Unlike single-family neighborhoods, condo and townhome communities must be approved by lending agencies. What to do if your desired condo or townhome is not approved.