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Good morning and thank you for writing. Recovering the funds is also called a "cash on cash" return on investment. That is, how long does it take for your investment to return your upfront costs? You are in luck, because we just published a guide about this.
Here is what it says about your topic:

Some investors like to look at "cash on cash," which tells you what the return is on your initial investment. For instance, if you buy a $200,000 property with $40,000 down and $5,000 in closing costs, what is the return on your investment if you get $1,200 a month in rent?

Upfront costs: $45,000
Annual Rent: $14,400
Insurance: (1,200)
Taxes ($2,400)
Mgt Fees ($1,440)
Vacancy ($2,880)
Operating Income $6,480

Cash on Cash: 14.40%
(Annual Income / Upfront Expenses)

In this case, it's 14.4 percent, a good number. And because the calculation is pretty simple, it allows you to compare properties easily.

There are several other examples in the article about different ways to compare property.
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