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I'll move into the new place.
asked May 25, 2018 in FHA Loans by Matthew

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Even if you are a current homeowner, you can still qualify for an FHA loan. Is your current home finance with an FHA loan? If not you should be good to proceed. if it is, you can still qualify but you must be relocating for specific reasons. Please see MULTIPLE FHA LOANS AT THE SAME TIME BLOG (https://gustancho.com/two-fha-loans-at-the-same-time) by Gustan Cho for more details. Typically you need to be moving for work and at least 60 miles away. But there are exceptions to that rule. Please reach out to me, Mike Gracz from the Gustan Cho Associates for more details. I am an expert in FHA mortgage lending! You can reach me on 630-659-7644 or email me at mgracz@usa-mortgage.com.
answered May 30, 2018 by MikeGracz (16,780 points)
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You can qualify for a second FHA Home Loan if you have a job transfer 100 miles away so you can have two FHA Loans at the same time.
answered May 30, 2018 by GustanCho (106,540 points)

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