HARP 2.0 : 10 States Which Account for 65% Of HARP Mortgage Rate Requests Nationwide

Since HARP relaunched as HARP 2.0, requests from California and Florida have soared. See the Top 10 states in which homeowners are seeking HARP mortgages, and how much money homeowners are saving via the “underwater mortgage” program.

FHA Mortgages : Common Questions From Borrowers With Bad Credit

The FHA mortgage program is lenient toward borrowers with no credit history, or a derogatory credit history. Common questions answered.

Beat The New FHA MIP Cancellation Policy, Effective June 3, 2013

Beginning June 3, 2013, many FHA-insured homeowners will be forced to pay 30 years of MIP. Beat the change. Get an FHA Case Number today.

No-Appraisal Mortgages Reach More U.S. Homeowners

U.S. homeowners have 4 no-appraisal mortgage options. Millions will close via the FHA Streamline Refinance and HARP 2.0/HARP 3.0 this year

HARP 3.0 Bill Gets Renewed Push In Congress

HARP 3.0 talks re-ignite in Congress. The program may allow loans from 2010 plus “Re-HARPing” — the refinance of an existing HARP home loan.

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) Extended; Is HARP 3 Coming?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) program was extended to Dec 31, 2015. Does it mean that HARP 3-like changes are pending?

Jumbo And Super-Jumbo Mortgages : Mortgage Rates Ultra-Low, Guidelines Loose

“Good” jumbo mortgages are tough to find. There are big price differences from bank-to-bank. Here’s how to find banks with low jumbo rates.

Buying A Home: Budgeting, Mortgages & Mortgage Rates

Home buying infographic. Graphic uses “pro tips” on selecting the right mortgage, building sound budgets, and closing costs negotiations.

Use The FHA Streamline Refinance To Cancel Your FHA MIP Faster

The fastest way to get rid of FHA mortgage insurance is to refinance out of it. Check today’s FHA Streamline Refinance mortgage rates. The math only works until June 3, 2013.