Mortgage Rate Analysis And Predictions : How Will U.S. Mortgage Rates Move This Week?

Mortgage rates are moving more sharply than during any time in the last five years, at least. So, did you miss your chance for low rates? What’s coming next? Advice and analysis of what’s ahead for mortgage rates.

VA Home Loans : The 6 Steps Of A VA Mortgage Approval, Plus Mortgage Rates

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As HARP 2.0 Loses Momentum With Homeowners, The Release Of HARP 3.0 May Be Closer

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HARP 3 Update : HARP 3.0 Could Release Without Congressional Approval

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Expanded FHA Loan Limits For 2013 Give Boost To U.S. Home Buyers

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HARP 3 Update : Congress Reconvenes September 9, 2013 With HARP 3.0 Already In Committee

Congress reconvenes Monday, Sept 9, 2013 and HARP 3 awaits in committee. How will the program look when it passes, and what will be included?

VA Streamline Refinance : “Am I Eligible For The IRRRL Program?”

VA mortgages allow for 100% loans and no MIP. They also give access to the IRRRL — among the biggest values in mortgage refinancing.

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