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Hello, and thank you for visiting. This page gives you information about who am I, and what I do.

My name is Dan Green. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am cited nationally for my mortgage market opinions and expert loan advice. My email is dan@themortgagereports.com.

The History Of The Mortgage Reports Website

In late-2004, I started blogging on the first in a series of websites which would (one day) become The Mortgage Reports. I began blogging because it was a convenient way for me to stay-in-touch with existing clients, and be active about reaching out to new ones.

During this time, the mortgage industry was under fire. The pundits and the press were loud with their criticisms, many of which were deserved. For me, the blog was a chance to tell a different side to the mortgage market story; the side which showed there were more “good” loan officers in the world than bad ones, and that consumer education and service remained a top priority.

More than a decade later, The Mortgage Reports garners multiple millions of visitors per year, helping U.S. homeowners and home buyers with the sometimes-strange world of mortgage.

What You’ll Read About At The Mortgage Reports

Since its launch, there have been thousands of mortgage-related posts on The Mortgage Reports — literally. Those posts have ranged from the basic to the esoteric.

Each post attempts to answer specific questions that you, as a home owner or would-be buyer, may have about the mortgage process.

Some of the more popular posts at The Mortgage Reports include :

This list is my no means comprehensive — it’s just a starter. If there’s something specific for which you’re looking, use the search bar at the top of this page. If it’s mortgage-related, there’s a good chance I’ve written about it.

USDA loans get a lot of interest, too.

I like to make charts. Charts help my readers understand complex subjects. Some of my favorite posts-with-charts include :

Also, it once took me more than 100 hours to write a particular blog post. The result was pretty excellent, though.

Through the magic of 3D-rendering, you can now ride the true Mortgage Rate Roller Coaster.

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Mortgage bonds control mortgage rates so, if you’re shopping for a mortgage or just curious about rates, you can use my feed to help with your “Lock or Float” decisions.

It’s good to know when mortgage rates will change before they actually change.

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