Posted 04/11/2008


How Fannie And Freddie Are Making Remortgages Cost-Prohibitive

Mortgage rates have been trending lower for the last months or so. 

Unfortunately, most people can't take advantage -- government-sponsored mortgage financiers have added mandatory mortgage fees that negate the discount.

It's like buying an item on sale, but having to pay twice the sales tax.

If you're not saving money, what's the point?  And that rationale has stymied thousands of would-be remortgagors around the country.

By preventing home owners from remortgaging to lower rates with lower payments, the mandatory fees pull millions of dollars from the U.S. economy.

Some homeowners are exempt, however.  Owners of single-family residences (including condos) whose credit scores are 720 or higher are not subject to the Fannie Mae-imposed fees.  But if you live in a condo, don't expect to that credit score exemption to last for long. 

Much like the current adjustments for multi-unit properties, expect that a property-type "tax" for condos will be applied in the next few months.  It would apply to all credit profile equally.

This is the message I tried to convey in sound bites to Beejal Patel of First Business.  It's a quick two-minute spot (after the commercial) that highlights the impact on Americans in real dollar terms.

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