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July Employment Report Pushes 30-Year Mortgage Rates Lower (FHA, VA, USDA & Conv.)

Mortgage rates are dropping after the government's release of the May 2014 Non-Farm Payrolls report. Analysis and live mortgage rate quotes.

Current Mortgage Rates Threatened By Friday’s Jobs Report Release

The Non-Farm Payrolls report makes Wall Street jumpy and the report releases Friday. Low mortgage rates are at risk. Read more and get today's mortgage rates.

Current Mortgage Rates Worsen After June’s Strong Jobs Report; What Should Borrowers Expect From Rates For July?

Mortgage rates are rising after an unexpectedly strong June Non-Farm Payrolls report. Analysis and today's live mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates On The Rise With June Jobs Report Arriving One Day Early

Mortgage rates are higher this week and may rise again after Friday morning's Non-Farm Payrolls report. Analysis of what's ahead plus live mortgage rate quotes.

30-Year Mortgage Interest Rates Dropping After Government Releases Its May U.S. Jobs Report

Mortgage rates are dropping after the government's release of the May 2014 Non-Farm Payrolls report. Analysis and live mortgage rate quotes.

Mortgage Rates Could Fall Below 4 Percent As Inflation Rates Run Too Low For Federal Reserve

U.S. inflation rates are linked to mortgage rates, which is terrific news for today's mortgage applicants. Analysis and today's live rates.

Mortgage Rates Move To 5-Week Low After March Jobs Report Shows Shortfall

March U.S. jobs report falls short of Wall Street expectations. Mortgage rates are dropping. Analysis and today's live mortgage rates here.

Mortgage Rates Drop Yet Again After Weaker-Than-Expected January Jobs Report

January's jobs report fell short of expectations (again) sending U.S. mortgage rates lower (again). Analysis and live mortgage rates here.

Non-Farm Payrolls Report Due Friday; Mortgage Rates Primed To Rise

Mortgage rates are expected to jump this Friday on a stronger-than-expected Non-Farm Payrolls report. Analysis and live mortgage rates here.

Mortgage Rates Get Cheaper After Just 74,000 Jobs Added In December 2013

The December Non-Farm Payrolls report was weaker-than-expected. Mortgage rates are sinking. Get an update on your rate quote today.

In Surprise Move, Mortgage Rates Sink After November Jobs Report Beats Wall Street Estimates

The November Non-Farm Payrolls report beat estimates. Wall Street is confused. Mortgage Rates are dropping. It's a very good day to lock a rate.

Why Your Mortgage Rate Might Increase In Less Than 24 Hours, And How To Save Your Loan

Mortgage applicants have less than 24 hours to lock a mortgage rate. The November jobs report is released Friday and it represents a giant risk to rate shoppers.

October Non-Farm Payrolls Report Shatters U.S. Mortgage Market; Pricing Worsens By 1.0 Point

October Non-Farm Payrolls shattered expectations. Mortgage rates are soaring. See today's live rates and lock a low rate while you still can.

Do You Believe In Second Chances? September Jobs Report Drops Mortgage Rates Nearer To 4%.

The September 2013 Non-Farm Payrolls report was weaker-than-expected. Mortgage rates are sinking toward 4%. It's a great day to refinance and lock a rate.

Mortgage Rate Alert : September Non-Farm Payroll Report Threatens QE3 And The Future Of Low Interest Rates

The September jobs report is released Friday morning. It may trigger higher mortgage rates. Protect yourself against the Fed, QE3 and the jobs report. Here's what to do.

August Non-Farm Payrolls Report Shows Big Weakness; Mortgage Rates Dropping

August's job report was weaker-than-expected, pushing mortgage rates down. It's a second chance to refinance and a good time to see today's mortgage rates.

June 2013 Non-Farm Payrolls Report Is Stronger-Than-Expected; Mortgage Rates Responding

Mortgage rates are responding to the June 2013 Non-Farm Payrolls report, and the results are poor for rate shoppers. Here's what happened, and here's what's next for rates.

Post-Jobs Report, U.S. Mortgage Rates Stop Short Of 4.00 Percent

The May 2013 Non-Farm Payrolls report was mostly as-expected. Mortgage rates are idling, just a shade below 4%. See today's live rates here.

Caution : May 2013 Jobs Report May Send Mortgage Rates Over 4%

This week's jobs report could be the trigger for 4% mortgage rates. Your mortgage rate strategy for ahead of the Friday release.

Mortgage Rates : Retail Sales Raises Rates As New FHA MIP Policy Looms

Mortgage rates were low because the U.S. economy was weak. Now, better evidence of recovery has mortgage rates rising. Is it time to lock your rate?

Mortgage Rates Unexpectedly Spike On April Jobs Numbers, Jobless Rate

Mortgage rates are spiking as Wall Street bets *with* the economy instead of against it. April's jobs report was exceptionally stronger-than-expected.

Mortgage Rates Make Big Improvement After March 2013 Jobs Report

The March 2013 jobs report missed big on Wall Street expectations. Mortgage rates are improving right now. Act, and lock your mortgage rate.

Mortgage Rates To Multi-Month Worst On Jobs Data, Economic Recovery

January's jobs report has pushed mortgage rates to their highest point since August 2012. Zero-closing cost mortgages are testing 4% levels, and rates of all types are a multi-month worsts.

Mortgage Rates Respond Poorly To December 2012 Jobs Report

The U.S. jobs market continues to expand. It's good for the economy, but bad for mortgage rates. Rates have now retreated to a 4-month high.

Mortgage Rates Unexpectedly Drop After Strong October Jobs Data

The October jobs report was much stronger-than-expected but U.S. mortgage rates are dropping anyway. FHA mortgage rates are benefitting the most.

Strong Jobs Report Moves U.S. Mortgage Rates Higher

The U.S. economy added jobs for the 24th straight month in September. The news pushed mortgage rates higher, off their all-time lows of 3.36%.

Mortgage Rates Look Past Consumer Confidence Figures

Mortgage rates often rise after a strong Consumer Confidence report. Not this month. The Fed's QE3 is stealing headlines. Mortgage rates are down.

QE3 : A Push-Pull Relationship With Mortgage Rates

This month's CPI shows inflation in control. The Fed's $40 billion per month QE3 program may jeopardize that, however. It's a race against the clock.

Mortgage Rates Improve On August Jobs, New QE3 Expectations

The August jobs report increases the likelihood of QE3 next week. Mortgage rates are improving but threats to low rates remain.

Mortgage Rates Rise In Response To July Non-Farm Payrolls Data

Private-sector hiring at its highest point since December 2008. Government hiring at its lowest point since July 2006. Mortgage rates rising.

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