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Survey: 81% Of Consumers Spending Less This Holiday Season

A survey of 1,000 readers of showed that consumers are spending less this holiday season -- and that bodes well for mortgage rates.

Rents Will Rise Faster Than Home Prices In 2016, Consumers Say

Choosing whether to buy or rent in 2016? Long-term, you may be better off buying -- especially because home values often climb faster than consumers expect.

Where Will Homes Will Be “Out Of Reach” For Buyers In 2016?

Home affordability is worsening despite today's ultra-low mortgage rates. What should a home buyer do? Buy today, or wait for next year? Analysis plus access to live rates.

Consumers Were Wrong Again About Mortgage Rate Futures

Fannie Mae survey shows that consumers expect mortgage rates to be higher in 2016 -- but that's what they say EVERY year. Are consumers finally right?

Consumers Think Mortgage Rates Have Bottomed, Says Study

U.S. consumers expect mortgage interest rates to rise in 2015, but consumers are notoriously bad about mortgage rate predictions. Full analysis plus complimentary mortgage rate quotes.

Current Mortgage Rates Drop 1/8% From “Better Technology”

Mortgage lenders are closing refinances more quickly, which has helped to lower mortgage rates 1/8% or more. Analysis and live rate quotes.

Mortgage Rates Have Bottomed, Say 96% Of U.S. Consumers

U.S. consumers expect mortgage interest rates to rise in 2015. Are they right? What's ahead for housing and mortgage, plus access to today's live rates.

Are They Wrong? Just 3% Of U.S. Consumers Expect Lower Mortgage Rates In 2014.

Consumers expect mortgage rates, home prices, *and* rents to be higher through 2014. No wonder most think "now is a good time to buy".

Finance Home Improvement Projects Via FHA, VA Mortgage

Want cash for home improvement projects? Use the traditional "cash-out" refinance, or look to the FHA and VA home improvement loans.

Housing Rankings : Atherton, California Ranks As 2013 Most Expensive U.S. ZIP Code

Atherton, California ranks as the #1 most expensive ZIP code for 2013. Where does your city rank, and what will a mortgage cost in your area? Get today's live rates here.

268 Cities : Precision Home Buying For U.S. Real Estate Investors

Nearly 275 U.S. metropolitan areas are expanding. Is your home city "improving"? For real estate investors, an Opportunity Roadmap.

MBA : Refinances Outnumber Purchases 2-To-1; HARP 2.0 Dominates

Even with mortgage rates up, refinance applications outnumber purchases 2-to-1. See how HARP 2.0 has buoyed the market, and what's ahead for HARP 3.0.

Applying For A Mortgage While Fixing Your Credit

Worried about low credit score? Fixing your credit? Getting a mortgage while your credit report is in-repair.

Mortgage Applications Surge After Rising U.S. Mortgage Rates

As mortgage rates rise and home prices climb, savvy U.S. consumers have rushed to refinance and purchase homes.

Rankings : Alpine, New Jersey Ranks As Most Expensive U.S. Neighborhood

Alpine, New Jersey tops a California-dominated list of Most Expensive U.S. Neighborhoods.

U.S. Buyers Expect Rents To Rise Faster Than Home Prices In 2013

U.S. homeowners expect rents to rise faster than home prices in 2013, and mortgage rates to increase for all mortgage loan types.

Real Estate Investors Flock To Multi-Unit Homes

Mortgages for multi-unit homes were in high demand as 2012 ended. Real estate investors recognize rising rents nationwide.

MBA : Rising Mortgage Rates Will End The 4-Year Refi Boom

The Mortgage Bankers Association projects that mortgage rates will be 4.4% in 2013, an increase of more than one percentage point.

Mortgage And Housing : What To Expect With 11 Months Left In 2013

One month into 2013, here's what to expect through December with respect to housing, mortgage rates, foreclosures, and home affordability.

Mortgage Rates Preview : Rates Still Rising On Housing, Jobs Data

Mortgage rates rose last week, continuing this year's terrible start. Here's what to expect from mortgage rates this week.

2016 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)